The Locals programme involves a community of staff and students from the University of Otago and the Dunedin community who are committed to providing support for students not residing in a residential college in their first year.

This support includes academic, pastoral, sporting and community opportunities similar to that offered in residential colleges. Your son/daughter is eligible to register for this programme if they are in their first year at the University of Otago and not living at a residential college. This includes first year students who are from outside of the Dunedin area and International students who may be boarding or flatting.

The programme is free for all eligible students to join. However there may be a charge for some social events that are provided. Students can choose which events and opportunities they wish to be involved in. There is no minimum or maximum involvement required.

Students registering for the Local programme will automatically be placed on the mailing list and will recieve regular information regarding upcoming events throughout the year. If they would like to be involved in a particular event they may be asked to register or RSVP (for catering purposes).

Registering will also mean that your son/daughter will have access to our team of second, third and fourth year students who have been through the locals programme. These students are there to provide support for your child to help them through their first year at Otago, they can answer any questions that your child may have and if they cannot help they can redirect your son/daughter to someone who can.

If at any stage the student wishes to withdraw from the mailing list and no longer be involved in the programme, they should contact the programme coordinator

If you have any further questions about the programme please contact the programme coordinator