Locals will be at Tertiary Open Day – Monday 9th May 9:30am to 3:30pm. Come and see us to find out more about locals and to pre-register for the 2015 programme. To find out more about this event please click here

For all high-schools within New Zealand

The Locals Programme is for any first year student attending the University of Otago and not living in a residential college. Please encourage your students to register for the programme so that they can access all the support we offer.

Sandra Spence is involved in the Local Committee and will be happy to discuss the Locals programme at your high school during her course adviser visits. sandra.spence@otago.ac.nz

We can also send you information packs for your Year 13 students on information about the Locals Programme, as well as registration details.

For schools within the Dunedin area:

We can also offer two programmes for your Year 13 students who are thinking about studying at the University of Otago called ‘Student for a Day’ and ‘LOCALnet’.

  • Student for a Day – Your year 13 students can sign up for a student for the day programme. This is where your Year 13 student can choose to shadow a first year University of Otago student for the day to see what it is like to attend a lecture, lab and/or tutorial. More information on 2016 soon!!!!
  • LOCALnet – This is a networking opportunity for your Year 13 students. One of your alumni students who has been involved in the Locals programme can be invited to give a talk to your Year 13 students about their experiences at the University of Otago. This can help to create a connection with a familiar face to the University of Otago to ease the transition to University for your Year 13 students. If you would like to be involved in this please contact the programme coordinator locals@otago.ac.nz.

If you would like some posters and postcards to hand out to your students about the Locals programme please contact the Programme Coordinator


021 949 653