Are you going to be or currently are a first year student at the University of Otago?

Do you live at home, or are you flatting, boarding, renting during your first year at the University of Otago?

If you answered YES to both of these questions then you can register to the Locals programme!

So why would you want to register to the Locals programme? The Locals programme offers a range of support, events and opportunities to aid in the transition into University life, support lifelong learning practices and create lifelong memories. Explore this website to see the range of services on offer, what locals students have already been up to, and meet some of our friendly leaders and staff who are able to answer any of your questions.

Still not sure? Here are some of the testimonials from previous students from the Locals programme –

Really enjoyed getting to meet people! Was great to have ‘locals team’ events alongside the colleges.

It made me feel easier about the transition to university as I already knew people; and that made me feel a little bit more comfortable.

It was awesome to be involved at events that previously only halls were; and the tshirts are awesome too.

Full credit to the Locals Programme for helping me find some really awesome friends – so thankful! It’s made my first semester so much fun!


Want to know more about being a student at the University of Otago? Here is a link to 7 life lessons being a ‘scarfie’